What WILD WITHIN Is All About

Before you read my Grand Plan, here’s this haha —

UPDATE (Nov 2, 2011): WOW! It is amazing to see what I had planned for this and what I ended up doing (or not doing, rather!). I truly believe I had life figured out. I could do the things I wanted, the things that are important to me, and not have to worry about the other crap. Too bad there are always other people in our lives who will think we’re doing ‘nothing’ and being lazy when, in fact, we are the ones who realize what it’s all about. They don’t. And they like to pass judgment.
I’ve let that hinder me this past year even when I told myself I wouldn’t. But I’m saying it again after failing. And I won’t fail again. Why? Because I learned my lesson. There is a lesson to be learned in everything — even the bad stuff. Especially in the bad stuff! It’s how we grow πŸ™‚
So I’m off to link to a post and then do what the post says. And then I’ll get up and do some work. (I am proud to say that, as far as my writing goes, I have been more successful than I thought I would be. So that’s pretty awesome!)


* * * * *

OK, the plan is for this to beΒ more than just a blog, although it will have two blogs of sorts on it — One section will be for news — things I find through Twitter or hear from my local LFA chapter or through the Lupus Daily … or anything else I feel is important to put on here for people to see. Another section is going to be my lupus journal. Not sure how many people are going to want to read it, but hey, it’ll be here. For two reasons::

  • WILD WITHIN: the canis LUPUS living inside — this is the title of the book I am working on. Yes, the title of the blog is a bit different, but it ended up with a word on an extra line and the two say basically the same thing and I’m just kinda OCD like that… Things need to be right πŸ˜›
    (And now, of course, after a week of seeing it, I’m considering changing the book title because I’m used to the blog title and am growing fond of it…) — But anyway….
    This book is going to have A LOT of personal experiences in it, and I’m not so great at keeping a journal anymore, so I figure if I put it online, I’ll force myself to do it. I’ll do my separate writing blog I have, and then I’ll come do news here, and then I’ll update my journal. That is, on days I feel well enough to do so…. I started already on my writer’s website, so I transferred that content here and see where it takes me.

  • Another thing I want to do is use the links at the side and bottom to get people really into the lupus — or any invisible illness — communities online. They’ve helped me soooo much it’s ridiculous and all the support we can get … well, we need it! I’ll also have a page devoted to my advocacy/lobbying work. Just yesterday I called my state representative to tell him where I stood on the Medicare payment cuts … we can’t have that. Patients need to be seen. That’s just common sense. So I’ll have updates on what’s coming up and what we can do about it, as well as a direct link to where you can find your own rep and give your two cents. Every bit counts.

That’s just a little of what I have planned — we’ll see what evolves πŸ™‚

Now, I feel like adding a picture…just because… Today is actually a good day. I just contacted the LFA (ha! that rhymes…at least I didn’t add “AK” in the sentence — okay, I’m loopy…bad fog lately…worse than fog….fuzziness — no, stupor is more like it!) and spoke with the director and she has sooooo much stuff I can help out with and I’m super pumped about it. I *might* even get to amp up their Facebook page….get the discussion section going a bit better…since I pretty much used to live on FB and know tons about it, I’m hoping I can do some great things to help. I’d love to work with them on Twitter, as well. That’d be pretty cool. But for now, I’m content with::

  • health education at health fairs
  • speaking engagements at resource fairs
  • inviting vendors to provide services for those with disabilites to such fairs
  • helping out at Social Services and SSA displays
  • volunteering at our local chili cook-up
  • the Walk for Lupus, obviously…
  • and….last, but definitely not least — v. important –> press releases!!
  • (and Facebook :))

On top of everything I’m already doing, I’d say that’s a lot. On my writing blog, I go into some detail. On Twitter, I do as well. I also just started a new Facebook (I have like no friends but that’s okay, I’ll slowly bring them over to me from my other page … baby steps to get to big things, right?!)

So here you go, world! The start of a new lupus blog that I’m hoping will go far and do great things!!!!! =D


4 Responses to What WILD WITHIN Is All About

  1. phylor says:

    Congrats on the blog! It looks (and reads well). I think you are doing a lot to make folks more aware of lupus, and to provide links/news/information for folks with lupus. Keep up the good work!

    • Amy Cate Keefe says:

      Thank you!! I appreciate that πŸ™‚
      I’ll have to check out yours — I looked quickly and saw you have the same layout as I do for my fiction site. Yours looks good so I’m off to look at it.
      I appreciate you stopping by!!

  2. linda says:

    I am so glad I found you your blog it’s awesome and I don’t know how you manage to do so much. I am hoping you are feeling well at time of reading this take care hugs from Linda

    • Amy Cate says:

      I’m feeling sort of OK today…
      I am glad I received a comment, though. I’ve been meaning to get over here and post something, but I just can’t seem to find the time with my other platform (a novel I wrote was just published/released).
      But I NEED to get to work on this. Especially with all that’s going on in my personal life of late because of it.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and making me actually get on the page to get my butt back in gear! πŸ™‚

      -amy cate

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