birth control pills and lupus

Ok, so I’ve always had signs of having lupus — from my first urinalyis as a baby that had too much protein in it. But that was always ignored … at every dr’s visit. No one said anything about it. No said anything about A LOT of things, leading to misdiagnoses over the years.

Point is, when i REALLY became sick was after I had my daughter. It took a while — maybe a good year and a half for the symptoms to be super obvious (not to me, of course … I ignored it all and just dealt. I was always healthy. Ended up contributing it to the other *mental* things they said I had wrong with me).
But that’s neither here nor there. This is for news.

I have always heard that estrogen plays a large part in lupus but they can’t actually, really, 100% prove it or why. Well, seeing this article makes a lot of sense to me. Especially since right now I’m taking progestin (essentially HRT) to gain weight and I feel about as bad as I ever have. But I’m still taking it because I desperately need the weight. Also, my doctors have suggested taking the pill just to keep things regular because I only get about ten *decent* days a month (decent — not good) when it comes down to ovulation, etc…. all that good stuff.
So, I found this article fairly interesting. Here’s the link::

Birth Control Pills Linked to Lupus Risk


About Amy Cate

I have lupus. I'm doing my damndest to advocate and spread awareness. This is just one of the ways I'm involved =D
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