Do all you can. A little is more than you think … it’s certainly better than nothing 😉
Even if it’s just an email or a phone call because you’re too dang fatigued to get up off the sofa.
On the days you are feeling better, pass out brochures.
Try to schedule some things if you think you are up to it — such as volunteering for one local thing (even for just two hours or so) … whatever YOU can handle — making sure to rest up for a couple days beforehand, take it easy after you get home the day of, and then rest the next day.
It’s hard, but it can be done. And it’s so worth it!
I’m sick as a dog most days (never did understand that expression, but whatever…), yet I still do at least ONE thing to spread some sort of awareness. Even if it’s just through Twitter or emailing a friend. If I can’t do something for the greater good, I can advocate for myself 😛 and vent to someone. Makes me feel better for a bit. 

But seriously. There are many ways to get on board. Here’s a simple one, for starters::

*From The Lupus Alliance of America:

Register To Be a Lupus Advocate

Please register to be a Lupus Advocate. We need all the lupus patients and interested parties we can sign-up to help us advocate for improved state and federal heath care policies that will improve the lives of lupus patients and their families. It won’t take that much time and you will gain a great deal of satisfaction in supporting us all.

Some of the actions lupus advocates may be asked to take include:

* Sending letters, e-mails or faxes to their state and federal representatives (sample scripts will be provided)
* Attend town hall and other meetings as needed to address health care issues that may relate to lupus patients.
* Share your own personal lupus stories to help educate and build awareness.
* Participate in local TV, radio or newspaper interviews to reach a wider audience.

*From The Lupus Foundation of America:

Become an e-Advocate

What does an e-Advocate do?

A lupus e-Advocate educates government officials about lupus and its consequences to insure that proper resources will be made available to find the causes and cure for lupus and help those with the disease.

Whether through a letter, fax, email, phone call, or face-to-face meeting with your U.S. Representative or Senators, you can help get action on legislation important to people with lupus. Make no mistake about it; your voice makes a difference.

See — one thing … just to start. Simple enough!


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