This is where I’m going to put all the things I deem newsworthy – in the actual blog part. It *should* be updated every day with new information for people.
I’ll search around the web and find the best stories and compile them here. There might be a lot of links, but spreading the word and giving sites views is always a good thing. — So, that’s what you can expect on this “HOME” page that I can’t seem to change the name of … grrrrrr 😉

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It’s Time For A Nap

Seriously. I only woke up just over an hour and a half ago, but this is what happens… I get up and take my kiddo to school and then I come home, eat, and get online for a while to check things out or maybe write, and then I become soooo tired that my eyes literally shut on me. Pens and books fall out of my hands, my netbook will slide off of my lap. Right now I’m even having a hard time keeping my eyes open. Which kind of sucks because I have good ideas and I’m super motivated, but my dang body just won’t let me do it.

The great news is that I can take a nap. As long as I set as many alarms as my phone will allow (I actually have no clue how many that is … I have over ten set up and I know I can do more), I *should* wake up before noon and still have a decent amount of the day left.

I’ve been getting up earlier because my kid is in 1st grade rather than p.m. Kindergarten (oh, Those were the days… ;)) and so it’s nice to get things accomplished in the morning. So maybe I’m doing more than I used to? Even by taking a nap?

Well, check out THIS ARTICLE from a blog I somehow only found Today (the horror!) about the benefits of napping.z,/hi1>

And then take one 😉

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Real News I Learned from My Life

Long story short, I had an upper endoscopy last Tuesday.

dr checking out your insidesTurns out, lupus truly IS affecting my weight loss. My rheumy had said so — that it sometimes is from the lupus and there’s no explanation. But now there is an explanation…

I don’t know the fix yet, but I do know this whole autoimmune deal involves everything … things you wouldn’t even consider. Or at least I didn’t consider..

The GI specialist said there was still a medium amount of food in my stomach — almost 12 hours after I had last eaten. And all I had was some ice cream and half an apple a little bit before bed.
Crazy, right?!

To add to that, the inside of my stomach was raw and red. So basically, my stomach acids are attacking my stomach and not my food, which leads to my complaint of feeling full for too long and not being hungry often enough (and that led to the referral to the GI).

I think it’s odd. I knew my body attacked itself, but not the point where it would ignore FOOD and not digest it properly b/c it’s so intent on attacking me!!
(Oh, and the pain meds obviously don’t help with the stomach lining issue… But what can you do about that?!)

So that’s my news for now.

I’ll *try* to update in my journal in two days when I get the results.

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